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TEN Real Estate draws in a global audience of users who are looking for information on various real estate projects in the Middle East region, and offers property classified for users who are interested in buying, selling, or renting property. The webstie receives over 229 thousand unique visitors and over 898 thousand page-views monthly (as of February 2007). Companies that have advertised on TEN Real Estate include EMAAR, Arabian Dreams, and Khoie Properties. Below we present you with the various banner specifications and prices.

Size: 768x90
Located at the top of each webpage before the webpage's content begins, this banner size is presently the most widely used on the internet.
Price: $US 45 / CPM
Space Banner
Size: 220x550
This banner will fit on the right hand of each webpage and occupy the white area that appears when internet users at screen resolutions above 1024x768 view the webpage.
Price: $US 55 / CPM
Size: 120x600 or 160x600
Located below the left menu bars, this banner is the second most popular banner size used on the internet.
Price: $US 40 or 42 / CPM
Size: 120x240 to 160x300
This banner is a mini skyscraper and accomodates the same location as the skyscraper banners on a few webpages of the website.
Price: $US 35 / CPM
Homepage Ad
Size: 410x225
This non-standard banner size is located underneath the search feature on the homepage of TEN Real Estate.
Price: $US 350 / WEEK
Standard Banner
Size: 468x60
This banner size can be found at the bottom of a number of webpages throughout the website and was the first online standard banner size.
Price: $US 30 / CPM
Interested parties may contact us for additional information and bookings.
CPM stands for Cost Per Thousand Impressions
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